Check your body at the door!

Dance legend Archie Burnett is coming to Amsterdam for a workshop and a lecture!

Do you know Whacking, Waacking, Hustle, Vogue, and Freestyle? House or Club Dance? Vogueing? Made mainstream by Madonna and Malcolm Maclaren. Through the movie ‘Paris is Burning’ and recently brought to the attention again in the Netflix series ‘Pose’. These dance styles originated on the streets of New York and LA in the 1970s and 1980s. Created by groups of young people who only had each other. Together they created a safe haven in the form of the inclusive ball culture. A place where everyone could be themselves, regardless of origin, gender or sexual preference. Dance provided connection, identity and families, such as the House of Ninja.

And it worked: Native Moons, together with Amsterdam Roots Festival Archie Burnett, brought one of the grandfathers of the famous House of Ninja to Amsterdam. His chosen family was co-founded by good friend and Vogue icon Willi Ninja (1961-2006).

On Sunday, June 25, Archie is a jury during the dance batlles in the Native Moons program.

And Archie will give a unique lecture and workshop on Saturday 24 June in production house Nowhere in Amsterdam. are you coming? Register here quickly

The Archie Club Experience