Roots Bazaar

Food, drinks, crafts and more

Every year the Roots Bazaar is an important part of Amsterdam Roots in the Oosterpark. You will find colorful stalls, food trucks, caravans and with a culturally diverse range of products and dishes - from Suriname to Japan and from the Netherlands to Sweden.

Sign up for Roots Bazaar for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs can apply for a Food & Drinks or a Non Food spot.

Registration until Juni 18, 2021, you will receive confirmation by e-mail.


We strive to offer variety for our visitors and want to prevent competition. We use a number of selection criteria for each entrepreneur.

Criteria Food & Drinks:

  • Craftsmanship
  • Special and original recipes
  • Sustainable materials for packaging and tableware
  • Decorative value of the stand: appearance, decor, materials

Criteria Non Food:

  • Cultural origin
  • Fair trade
  • Sustainable products
  • Decorative value of the stand: appearance, decor, materials
  • Free of cultural stereotyping and appropriation


We will keep stallholders informed by email of developments regarding Covid-19 and measures in place at the festival site. We are currently assuming a festival without the distance rule and mouth guards, provided that visitors can show proof of vaccination or negative test before entering the festival grounds. This also applies to each stallholder and their workers.


As required by the sustainability criteria of the City of Amsterdam, the use of single use plastic to package products or dishes is prohibited and waste separation is mandatory. Roots helps entrepreneurs to separate waste both in front of and behind the stall.

For more information regarding the sustainability guidelines for events click here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at