Amsterdam Roots Festival wants to be a festival where everyone is welcome. Therefore, we have designed the festival grounds and the programme so that all visitors with disabilities can also enjoy the festival.

In collaboration with HandicapNL, we provide various facilities such as wheelchair ramps, folding chairs, accessible toilets and lowered bars.

Visitors with disabilities can participate in a variety of workshops such as the Ninja dance workshop, the circus workshop or T-shirt painting and enjoy concerts and performances on the various stages.

This year we are taking the first big step towards making the Amsterdam Roots Festival more accessible and it is our intention to put up more and better facilities every year.

What facilities does the festival offer to increase accessibility?
★ The paths on the festival site are accessible for wheelchairs
★ Most stages are wheelchair-accessible with viewing platforms, ramps, decks and seats for attendants
★ There is a medical care room, including a hoist
★ There are a number of accessible toilets
★ There is a lowered bar so that everyone can easily order and pay for drinks themselves.
★ There are extra care volunteers offering help
★ There is a low-stimulus room to unwind for a while
★ There are chairs for visitors with physical disabilities
★ Guide dogs are welcome!
★ There is a map showing all the important places.

How do I get to the Amsterdam Roots Festival?

Public transport: tram 1 and 3 stop at Beukeweg stop, opposite the main entrance OLVG Oost. This stop is wheelchair-friendly and is right next to the festival site. Metro stop Wibautstraat (exit Vrolikstraat) is a 10-minute walk away.

Car: on Sundays, free parking is available near Oosterpark. There is also a kiss & ride spot at the entrance of the park at street Oosterpark no 49, near oak road. Here visitors with disabilities can be dropped off. Please note: parking is not possible at these spots. Extra care volunteers are on standby here to help with disembarkation.

Contact: If you have any questions about accessibility facilities, please contact our Accessibility Coordinator, Asawari Luthra. Send an e-mail to