Amsterdam Roots has an eye and attention for the environment in which we find ourselves. With our activities, we want to burden our living environment as little as possible and assume circular entrepreneurship.

To achieve this, Amsterdam Roots has made deliberate organisational choices that contribute to this:

1. Improving waste segregation by creating mono streams

Starting festival year 2019, we are committed to no longer allowing single-use plastic at our festival. We encourage stallholders at the Bazaar and the backstage caterer to look at alternatives and offer help where requested. For our water bottles, we will use PET bottles made 100 percent from recycled materials. We also ask our crew and volunteers to bring reusable bottles. In this way, we will do our bit for a plastic-free environment.

2. Less waste through deposit cups

This year, drinks will be poured into soft cups and visitors will receive a coin for their first cup. Every time you get a drink, you will receive a new soft cup. If you lose your token or don't have a cup to exchange, you pay a one-off fee of 1.00 euros for the soft cup. If you don't want a drink and don't want to walk around with your soft cup, you can hand it in at the bar for a (pink) coin so you don't pay twice for a soft cup the next time you buy one.

3. Cleaner electricity

The municipality has installed power points in the park, allowing the festival to use the existing electricity network. In addition, consecutively for the third festival year, we will provide part of the electricity for the festival by generating sustainable energy using the sustainable battery trolleys KAREL & KARIMA. These trolleys will provide clean energy for part of our stage area.

4. Partners

We co-produce with other festivals. That way, we save on transport. This year, we share our mainstage, toilets, pagodas and other materials with Keti Koti.