What an unforgettable experience the Amsterdam Roots Festival 2023 was!

Breathtaking performances filled the stage and created an atmosphere that still lingers. With a plethora of talent on stage, from artists like Bala Desejo, Native Moons, ADG7, Meral Polat Trio to Yin Zero circus, every performance was an unforgettable part of the festival.


This year, we took significant steps to improve the accessibility of the festival, in an ongoing effort to make the event as inclusive as possible. Our colourful and vibrant bazaar was a melting pot of cultures, where you could enjoy delicious street food and discover a wealth of non-food items such as handmade pots, unique dolls, music CDs and traditional clothing. The inspiring expo at No Limit Arts Castle was a place where art came alive and offered new perspectives.

The festival celebrated creativity, connection and sharing experiences. The afterparty, led by DJ Lucas Benjamin, was the icing on the cake. His beats ensured that the evening ended seamlessly and the energy of the festival continued for hours. To all the attendees who shared this special day with us: thank you! Your enthusiasm and commitment made this festival a unique experience.

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