Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Buying tickets - how?
In the pre-sale, tickets can be bought online only. A purchased ticket will be sent to your email. If you bought your ticket before 2nd July, your ticket can be downloaded by installing the Close app on a smartphone.

In order to link a purchased ticket in the Close app, the mobile phone number of the phone on which the Close app is installed must match the mobile phone number entered during the ticket purchase process.

Can I exchange, convert or resell my ticket?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to resell or convert your ticket.

If I have chosen a time slot can I only stay for one hour?
No, the time lock is only necessary to regulate the flow of visitors at the entrances.
You may therefore stay the whole day after entering.

Can I enter via the normal queue if I am disabled?
We have exceptions for this, in which case you may enter via the stage entrance after sending us an e-mail. Our email address is info@amsterdamroots.nl.


Why the Close app?
Your ticket (if purchased after 2 July) will be sent to your email. You can also download it in the Close app. The use of the app is not obligatory! The Close app is a communication app for (fieldlab) events. This app is linked to ticket sales, so you will receive both your admission ticket and practical information in this app.

Do I absolutely have to download the Close app?
No, the use of the Close app is not (no longer) required if you have received your ticket via email. Some visitors have only received their ticket via the Close app, so they must show the Close app at the entrance.

I have downloaded the app and I need to enter a code.
The code is then ROOTSFESTIVAL

Why can't I see my tickets in the Close app?
To see your ticket(s), press the INFO button at the bottom right of the app. Your ticket will then appear directly on the screen.

I still do not see anything in the app. What could still be the problem?
The 06 number you entered during the ordering process is not the same as the mobile number you might have entered in the close app.

Please double check that the telephone number you used when booking/ordering your ticket is also the same number as the telephone number on which you now have the Close app.


For questions about access with test tickets see the FAQs:

Do I also have to show a negative Corona test certificate on entry?
We are required to verify your corona test status.
You will be given a code if you have a NEGATIVE TEST (via testenvoortoegang.org),
or are FULLY VACCINATED or if you have a RECOVERY CERTIFICATE after a PCR test. See also coronacheck.nl/en/


Amsterdam Roots Zine is a one time only magazine and costs 7,50.


Where can I report or find my lost & found?
After the festival, pictures will be made of all lost and found items, these pictures will be put on the Roots Open Air event page on Facebook.


Can I bring food and drinks?
You can bring food; drinks only water or soft drinks and as long as it is in plastic.
Alcohol and glass are absolutely not allowed.


Can I use a pin on the site?
Everything can be paid by pin.

Can I pay with cash?
Only at the food and non-food stands, bazar, you can pay with cash.