Amsterdam Roots Festival

Amsterdam Roots: art and stories that connect us

Amsterdam Roots organizes cultural activities about roots and identity, with the Amsterdam Roots Festival as the highlight of the year. Through music, conversations, dance, theater and spoken word we let artists, creators and thinkers tell their personal story. In this way, we create space for creativity and artistic expression of many different voices in a time when polarization is driving threatens to drive people apart. After all, no two stories are the same. Stories touch on universal human values. In stories we can recognize ourselves and increase our understanding and often sympathy for the other.

The concepts of roots, culture and identity are constantly changing. You cannot easily pigeonhole them and only look at them in one way. That is why we program in a multidisciplinary way and we like to work with as many different people as possible. In this way, we provide a stage for the most diverse creatives and diverse opinions. We try to create an environment where everyone is welcome and feels free and safe to be themselves, thus contributing to an inclusive society.

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