Frequently asked questions

Where and what time?

This year Amsterdam Roots Festival will take place only in the Oosterpark on Sunday 25 June. The festival grounds open from 13:00. The first programme start at 13:30 and the last program ends at 23:00. See the link to the timetable here.

Free entrance

Where can I buy tickets?

The festival and all workshops are open to everyone and free of charge. Only for the carousel a small contribution is requested.

Support Amsterdam Roots Festival

How can I support the festival?

Thanks to donations from many funds, Amsterdam Roots Festival is completely free of charge. But the sale of drinks and food is also very important for paying part of the costs for the festival. Every drink you buy at the festival benefits the festival and helps Amsterdam Roots Foundation to keep the festival free and accessible. There are also several places where you can make a small (or large) financial donation to Amsterdam Roots Festival. (And we desperately need those donations for the survival of the festival!)

Sun and shade

As it looks now, it will be a nice summer day on Sunday 25 June! That means bringing sunscreen and drinking lots of water. There will also be several canopies on the festival site so you can sit in the shade too.


Is the festival accessible for visitors with disabilities?

We have designed the festival site and programme so that all visitors with disabilities can also enjoy the festival. In cooperation with HandicapNL, we provide various facilities such as wheelchair ramps, folding chairs, accessible toilets and lowered bars. More info

Food & drink

Can I bring food and drinks?
Snacks or small amounts of food may be brought onto the festival site.
Water or soft drinks (1 portion per person) may be brought onto the festival site as long as it is in plastic or cans.
Alcohol and glass are absolutely not allowed inside and must be left at Security.

Parking and accessibility

How do I get to the festival?

Bike: Oosterpark is centrally located in Amsterdam. Bicycles are not allowed inside the festival grounds and can be parked around the park.

Public transport: tram 1 and 3 stop at the Beukeweg stop, opposite the main entrance of OLVG Oost. This stop is wheelchair-friendly and is right next to the festival site. Metro stop Wibautstraat (exit Vrolikstraat) is a 10-minute walk away.

Car: Free parking is available around Oosterpark on Sundays, but bear in mind that it is busy and you will have to walk from your parking spot.

Can I enter through any entrance if I am disabled?
All entrances are wheelchair-friendly. See here for more info on festival accessibility and programme. For questions, you can also contact productie@amsterdamroots.nl.

Payment: Cash or Pin only?

Can I use an ATM on the festival site?
There is no ATM on the festival site. Drinks at the bars cannot be paid for in cash. These can only be paid for using debit cards at the cash desk at the bar.

Can I pay with cash?
Only at the food and non-food stands, the Roots Bazaar, you can often pay with cash.

Lost & found

Where can I give up or find my lost & found?
After the festival, pictures will be taken of all lost and found items, these pictures will be posted on the Amsterdam Roots page of Facebook. You can also contact us via info@amsterdamroots.nl