Soccer mom – daily

Thu 01/07 to Sun 04/07

Thursday 1 July to Sunday 4 July 2021 in TapasTheater, Amsterdam

Start (Thursday to Saturday)
19:15, 20:15 and 21:15
Start (Sunday)
17:15, 18:15 and 19:15

A performance by Barbara Willemsen

"I give him everything. As a mother, you do. He is my firstborn, royalty and king in the making. So he gets everything. He calls, we turn. It's just a question of setting priorities.”

Barbara Willemsen is an actress and theatre maker who creates performances about themes such as family relationships, the quest that life is and the uncertainty of the future. Through her work as a theatre maker, she researches non-Western theatre forms, which she interprets through rituals from her own Nigerian roots. At Amsterdam Roots Festival, she can be seen with the short performance ‘Soccer Mom’, a story about vulnerability, the desire to make your child's dreams come true and the role that performance pressure plays in this.  What is good? When do you go too far and project your own expectations onto your child? And once you are on this rollercoaster - how do you apply the brakes?

This programme is a collaboration with TapasTheater



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