Nois Um / Cia Delá Praká

Sunday 23/06

Start: 15:15

Compelling Acro-Dance from Brazil

In collaboration with Circus Bende, the most delightful circus festival in Amsterdam, we proudly present Nois Um from the Brazilian circus troupe Cia Delá Praká. A captivating performance where acro-dance, juggling and capoeira come together in an elegant fusion.
Marina Collares and Ronan Lima mesmerize the audience with their fluid movements, crafting a poetic atmosphere on the circus stage. Both artists have undergone training in various dance and circus disciplines, finding their artistic synergy at the National Circus School in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
The performance is accompanied live by dreamy sounds of a hang drum. This relatively new percussion instrument draws inspiration from diverse percussion traditions like the steelpan from Trinidad and Tobago, gamelan from Indonesia, and the udu from Nigeria. The hang drum resembles a flying saucer but sounds like a babbling brook, harmonizing flawlessly with the fluid motions of the acro-dance.
With an impressive history of performances in over 14 countries and around 400 shows at various festivals in Europe and Latin America, Cia Delá Praká has garnered admiration worldwide. Now, it's finally Amsterdam's turn to experience this unique spectacle.


Oosterpark, Moon Stage