Native Moons

Sunday 25/06

Sunday June 25 2023 in Oosterpark, Amsterdam
Start: 18:15

This year, Native Moons gives a platform to the roots of the dance styles they love so much; Waacking, Housedance and Popping. These dance styles originated as forms of expression from oppression, making them bearers of important intangible heritage in the dance world. Native Moons therefore believes it is important to share the origins and stories surrounding these dance styles to preserve the essence and authenticity of these dance cultures.

That is why we are honoured to bring Archie Burnett, one of the founders of the global club and street dance community, to the Netherlands especially for Amsterdam Roots Festival. This way, we can give such an important pioneer as Archie a voice and give the (local) dance community a chance to connect with 1st generation dancers.

Archie Burnet is a mentor to many dancers and community leaders worldwide. Not only was he part of the creations of many dance styles and communities, he has also played an important role in transferring these styles and culture to other countries. Archie stands for unity and community, emphasising how to use dance as a form of freedom of expression. This way of thinking fits perfectly with the ideas from which Native Moons create a programme every year at Amsterdam Roots Festival.

Native Moons is a collective of three female artists: Sarada Sarita Keilman,Yordana Rodriguez and Kim Tawjoeram. From its first collaboration with Amsterdam Roots in 2018, Native Moons' programme has been about Freedom, Unity and Exchange. With a shared passion for music, art and dance, they share a common vision; "When we dance we are free, and when we are free, we dance".


Oosterpark, Moon Stage