Étoiles Électriques

Sunday 04/07

Sunday July 4 2021 in Oosterpark World Stage, Amsterdam
Start: 02:00

Amsterdam meets Middle East in a dazzling live experience

Based in Amsterdam, but with musicians from all over the Middle East and sounds from Arabic, Kurdish and Persian backgrounds combined with funk and pop: that's Étoiles Électriques. In cooperation with horns from bands like Gallowstreet, Chef Special and Valvetronic, they create eclectic grooves from contrasting spheres of influence. The result is super catchy and straight from the heart.

The band members have previously performed on stages in Damascus, Diyarbakir, Kirkuk and Lebanon. After finding each other in the Netherlands, they have developed new material during the lockdown, and are eager to play festivals this summer. Their performance at the Amsterdam Roots Festival 2021 can therefore be seen as a world premiere, and everything seems to indicate that it will be a dazzling live experience. Thanks to the emotions of the soloists, each song is a compelling adventure, where improvisation is not shunned. Sitting still is not an option!


Oosterpark World Stage

© Les Adu 2019

© Les Adu 2019