Dwhibhumi Kids

Sunday 25/06

Sunday June 25 2023 in Oosterpark, Amsterdam
Start: 13:30

Come and watch (and dance along) with your parents, grandparents or friends at a very special Balinese dance workshop with Dwibhumi Balinese Dance & Culture.

Balinese dance, Tari Bali in Indonesian, is deeply rooted in religion. It is a unique fusion of Hinduism, Buddhism and ancestor worship in Bali (Indonesia). Characteristic of Balinese dance are not only the impressive costumes but, above all, the expressive facial expression, the graceful, sometimes flowing and subdued, at other times fierce and powerful head, neck, shoulder, arm, finger and toe(!) movements. There are dances with or without story. Balinese dance is accompanied by gamelan music.

Especially for Amsterdam Roots Festival, Nova from Dwibhumi Balinese Dance & Culture will do a bird dance. Nova shows movements like those of a swamp bird and invites everyone to dance with her. In the workshop, you will learn basic technique, facial expression, movement of fingers, hands, head, neck and feet. Wings and veils will also be used.
The gamelan orchestra Swara Santi Amstelveen will accompany the bird dance.

Want to know how gracefully you can dance? Come and join the dance workshop with live music.


Oosterpark, Super Nova Stage