Sunday 23/06

Start: 18:30

BECOMING is an immersive theatre programme developed by Loulou Sjerps, Alejandra Zabala, Rikkert van Huisstede and Rox Roxy Roxanna Verwey.
Each edition is unique and explores a different queer perspective on identity and sexuality. Audience and artists together immerse themselves in intimacy, party, sensuality, dialogue, art and glitter! At BECOMING, more is better, vulnerability is power, party is depth and everyone is welcome!

For this edition of BECOMING x ROOTS we are creating a space of recognition. We believe that the queer migrant bodies uphold important stories of resistance and decolonisation. But how can we connect with our bodies and reclaim them from exile?
We invite you to join our performers; Naomie Pieters, Anllel Tanús and Alejandra Zabala in an interactive rooting ritual to honour the ancestors and the territories in the movement.
Expect music, dance, spoken word and a space to collect the stories of migration, uprooting and displacement.

During BECOMING x ROOTS; the body is safe, family is the one chosen, borders are imaginary lines, refugees are welcome and queerness is activism.