Roots in Zuidoost

Since the very beginning of the festival, Amsterdam Roots has often worked together with artists and communities from Zuidoost. The move of our headquarters to Southeast therefore felt like a logical step. To a place of vibrant creativity with many young makers and sparkling initiatives.

On Thursday 30 June, from 19:00 to 22:30, Amsterdam Roots presents a sparkling music programme at five special locations in the Amsterdamse Poort, the heart of Amsterdam Zuidoost: New Meatropolis ZO, Oscam, Foundation Hip Hop Academy, Poortstage and an outdoor stage on the Hoekenrode square next to metro stop Bijlmer Arena.

The profile of each location inspires a varied programming: from singer-songwriters to hip hop acts and multi-headed bands. With live performances by Bahghi, Hatoon, Josimar Gomes, Djuwa & Arturo, Phantom Wizard, De1ste, Jora, Ready, N.A.I., Lady Shaynah and Soultrash!

Currently, we have no future events.