The very first Amsterdam Roots Zine (2021) explores the theme of vulnerability through visual art and texts, with contributions from We Sell Reality, Massih Hutak, Zaire Krieger, Toni Giselle Stuart, Kourosh, Paulami Joshi, Suhua Yang and Zeloot. Artist Michiel Schuurman designed the zine. What happens if we do show and embrace that vulnerability? In ourselves, but also in others? This question requires a great deal of courage, because how do you allow yourself to be vulnerable? And how do you make room for other people’s vulnerability? Is it for instance necessary to make our communities and meeting places safer? Amsterdam Roots Zine (limited edition 2021) costs €7,50 and is available at the Amsterdam Roots locations and at Athenaeum bookshops. It can also be ordered online for €10 including packing and shipping. If you donate €20 or more to Amsterdam Roots, you will receive the Zine for free.