‘Unlimited Party’ now also online!
A group of ten leading festivals; Awakenings, Amsterdam Open Air, Oerol, Bevrijdingspop Haarlem, Wonderfeel, Milkshake, Paaspop, De Opwekking, Amsterdam Roots Festival and STRAF_WERK, are taking the lead in making the festival sector accessible. They are doing so by joining as frontrunners in the ‘Unlimited Festival’ pledge, an initiative of HandicapNL and Green Events, launched during ADE Green on 21 October. Besides declaring the pledge, they are taking concrete steps towards an accessible festival world. You can read what they will do on the new website www.onbeperktfeest.nl.

A new movement in the sector
The cooperation with the frontrunners was launched on 21 October during ADE Green in the presence of festival organisers and received by advocate for accessibility and Member of Parliament Lucille Werner.

HandicapNL and Green Events are driving a new movement in the festival sector with Unlimited Festival. All the knowledge gained from the programme will be shared with the entire sector through the Green Events platform, motivating every organiser to take the step towards accessibility themselves. “The subject of accessibility is still in its infancy for many Dutch organisers. There is currently a lack of awareness and good examples. Through cooperation and knowledge sharing, we are going to accelerate change in this area in the sector,” says Lyke Poortvliet, co-owner of Green Events.

Kelamo Masali, organiser of Straf_Werk Festival, has been working with HandicapNL since the pilot and explains, “What turns out? You can already achieve a lot with small adjustments: quick wins. We would like to make our visitors and fellow organisers aware of the possibilities. For our own festival, the focus is on making it wheelchair-accessible and creating a nice low-incentive space.”

Joining Unlimited Festival
The launch on 21 October with the frontrunners was a great start and from now on we will get to work! For festival organisers who are also interested in making his/her festival accessible, there are two options to join Unlimited Festival: as a frontrunner or as a supporter. If you want to know more about this, go to the new website www.onbeperktfeest.nl and contact us via the site.

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