House rules


  • By entering the festival grounds you agree to our house rules
  • The festival is open to all ages; children under 12 can enter the grounds accompanied by an adult
  • Bringing alcoholic drinks is not allowed
  • We do not sell alcohol to persons under the age of 18 (either directly or via resale)
  • Upon entering the premises, one automatically agrees to a voluntary search
  • It is forbidden to possess objects that can be used as weapons. Upon detection, you will always be handed over to the police
  • The use, sale or possession of drugs is prohibited. You will always be handed over to the police upon detection
  • Aggression (including verbal aggression) and threats towards staff or security services, as well as destruction of property are prohibited
  • Unwanted intimacies, racism and discrimination are not allowed and will lead to expulsion
  • Wild urination is not allowed; please use the available toilet facilities for this purpose
  • Instructions from staff or the security service must be followed
  • We reserve the right, in case of suspicion of a gathering causing nuisance, danger and/or inconvenience to third parties, to immediately deny access to the festival site to the gatherers and/or remove them from the festival site
  • Everyone who enters the festival site gives permission for video, photo and/or sound recordings to be made in which he/she may appear. The organisation may use these recordings for promotional purposes
  • Entering our festival site is at your own risk; the organisation is not liable for material and/or immaterial damage of any kind suffered by a visitor
  • Theft will always be reported to the police
  • Dogs are not allowed (with the exception of guide dogs for visitors with disabilities)
  • Bicycles are not allowed on the festival grounds and must be parked outside the park
  • In the event of failure to comply with the above house rules, access will be refused