Theater for Keti Koti in Amsterdam Zuid

Thursday 30/06

Thursday June 30 2022 in CC Amstel, Amsterdam
Start: 17:00

Intergenerational dialogues about colonial and slavery history

On June 30 and July 1, theaters and venues across the Netherlands present programs that tell stories about our  the Netherland's colonial and slavery past. Theater voor Keti Koti stimulates and bundles these performances and cultural activities.

Theater artist Guillano Herdigein, singer Cheyenne Toney and CC Amstel join a group of young people in a conversation with local residents about the meaning of Keti Koti, about the colonial and slavery past. We talk about roots and identity and explore how the past affects the present.

The musical theater presentation can be seen on Thursday 30 June on the Cullinanplein in front of CC Amstel.


CC Amstel