The Archie Club Experience

Saturday 24/06

Saturday June 24 2023 in Nowhere, Amsterdam
Start: 13:30

Exclusive Workshop and Lecture by Archie Burnett!

Native Moons and Amsterdam Roots Festival are honored to host legendary dancer and father of the dance community, Archie Burnett.

Archie has been active and leading in the social and street dance scene for over 30 years. With his roots in the New York club and dance scene, he has a lot of knowledge and experience. Not only was he part of the creations of many dance styles, he also played an important role in the transfer of dance culture to other countries.

Archie is someone who stands for unity and community, emphasizing how to use dance as a form of freedom of expression.

Native Moons and Archie share the vision that tradition is passed on through stories, but above all through experience.

In this workshop, Archie takes you into his world: The Club Experience

Through different social dance styles, Archie will guide you in the expression of yourself and its power.

Native Moons is a collective of three female artists: Sarada Sarita Keilman, Yordana Rodriguez and Kim Tawjoeram.

Timetable The Archie Club Experience:

13:30 - 14:00 Doors open
14:00 - 15:30 Club Dance Workshop
16:00 - 17:30 Clubdance History Lecture

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Madurastraat 90, Amsterdam