Sunday 23/06

Start: 14:15

Swinging Colombian ‘Brass Cumbia’

This energetic brass band from the Colombian Caribbean is a unique blend of a Colombian Papayeras (wind orchestra) and an Afro-American Brass Band.They are inspired by one of Colombia's most influential composers and arrangers, Lucho Bermúdez.This musical legend modernized the tropical music of the Colombian Caribbean coast in the middle of the last century by playing the Afro-Colombian sounds of his native region with a jazz big band line-up.They combine this 'brass cumbia' with the funky sounds of the New Orleans brass band tradition.During the carnival parades in Barranquilla, Papayebrass is a huge hit year after year, and in Oosterpark they will also lead the visitors of Amsterdam Roots along with their dynamic parade. As the opening act, they immediately set the tone for (once again) an unparalleled Amsterdam Roots Festival in Oosterpark.