Native Moons

Sunday 03/07

Sunday July 3 2022 in Oosterpark / Moon Stage, Amsterdam
Start: 17:30

“When we dance we are free, and when we are free, we dance” - street & club dance performances and battles

For five editions now, dance collective Native Moons has been curating dazzling interdisciplinary programs on street & club dance cultures at Roots. For Sarada Sarita, Kim Tawjoeram and Yordana Rodriguez dancing is about Freedom, Unity and Exchange.

This edition, Native Moons is inspired by South American indigenous roots and the cycle of life, in which transformation is central. Everything moves in circles, everything is in motion and everything is connected as part of a greater whole. Along with spoken word artist Otion, musician/singer Gianna Tam and DJ Lucas Benjamin, Native Moons honors the four winds, the four elements and the four seasons.


Oosterpark / Moon Stage