Native Moons

Sunday 23/06

Start: 19:00

Native Moons will again be present at the Amsterdam Roots Festival this year. This time with the ‘Social Dance Games’, which are playful dance battles based on social elements from street and club styles such as popping, waacking and house dance. The focus is on freedom of expression and interaction with each other. Together with DJ Lucas Benjamin and percussionist Gianna Tam, Native Moons will again provide a magical and uplifting dance programme at Amsterdam Roots in 2024.
Native Moons is a collective of three artists: Sarada Sarita Keilman, Yordana Rodriguez and Kim Tawjoeram. From its first collaboration with Amsterdam Roots in 2018, Native Moons' programme has been all about Freedom, Unity and Exchange. With a shared passion for music, art and dance, they share a common vision; ‘When we dance we are free, and when we are free, we dance’.