Keti Koti tafel

Sunday 03/07

Sunday July 3 2022 in Oosterpark / Solar Stage, Amsterdam
Start: 14:00

Invitation to talk and share about slavery: the Keti Koti table meetings

The in-depth program in Oosterpark starts this year with the Keti Koti Table, a ceremony in which Dutch people from all backgrounds meet over a meal and talk about the slavery past. Through the exchange of personal experiences, memories and feelings, the contemporary consequences of the Dutch slavery past are discussed

The Keti Koti Table is a new tradition and is inspired by the Jewish Seider Table. It consists of conversations and a ritual that brings the interlocutors together and brings comfort and compassion. During the ritual, the Choir Fri Ye-Ye sings songs of sorrow and freedom. We conclude with a conversation between founders Mercedes Zandwijken and Machiel Keestra about dialogue, transformation, inventing traditions and commemoration.


Oosterpark / Solar Stage