Breaking workshop

Sunday 25/06

Sunday June 25 2023 in Oosterpark, Amsterdam
Start: 16:45

Breaking, also known as breakdance, is a street dance style born in the 1970s in New York that is full of spectacular and acrobatic moves. Come along and learn the hottest steps and tricks!

Aram Angelo Eduati is a 22-year-old dancer from the Breaking and HipHop collective UC Crew from Utrecht. In the 11 years he has been dancing, he has among other things made it to the Top 8 at the NK Breaking, done shows at home and abroad and is increasingly moving into the theatre world, either in pieces by established makers or just in his own productions.

"Dance is a universe with countless planets, of which I try to visit as many as possible and make a home. I get a lot of pleasure and inspiration from discovering and appropriating this universe through battles, co-starring in & developing theatre productions myself, and teaching."

"When I dance, everything else falls away. It's just me, the floor and the music."


Oosterpark, Big Bang Stage