Thursday 30/06

Thursday June 30 2022 in Amsterdamse Poort Zuidoost / New Metropolis Zuidoost, Amsterdam
Start: 21:00

Sculpting a new blend of jazz, neo-soul, and alternative R&B, the Sudanese-Dutch artist HATOON is one to keep an eye on. The young singer-songwriter is strongly influenced by artists like Nai Palm, Cleo Soul, Moonchild and Erykah Badu. HATOON creates a unique and soulful sound with her airy yet warm vocals and refreshing melodic choices, hinting to her East-African roots. She addresses subjects as personal growth, spirituality, and romance through a personal lens. After finishing her preparatory jazz education at the conservatory in Tilburg, she proceeded to continue her education at the Herman Brood Academie. The 22-year-old is working on her debut release that is scheduled for release later this year.


Amsterdamse Poort Zuidoost / New Metropolis Zuidoost