Percussion & dance workshop

Sunday 25/06

Sunday June 25 2023 in Oosterpark, Amsterdam
Start: 15:30

Born in Senegal, Moussé Dramé has been playing djembé since he was five years old. From the age of 15, he has performed all over Africa and Europe as a percussion soloist in various percussion and dance groups. He has now been in the Netherlands for many years and gives Djembé and dance lessons to children. Amsterdam Roots Festival (and the children who come to the festival) is such a fan of Moussé and Turid that we ask them to come back every year to give dance and percussion lessons. Children master the rhythms in no time and never forget this experience!

And do you want to continue with dance or percussion classes after the festival? See more info on Djembe Drame 


Oosterpark, Moon Stage