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Sunday 04/07

Sunday July 4 2021 in Roots Open Air: Solar Stage, Amsterdam
Start: 13:30

Vulnerability: Culture and Solidarity

With: Dymphie Braun, Ishfarah, Maurino Alarcón, Stevie Nolten, Blue Flamingo

Our host Dymphie Braun will interview musician Blue Flamingo about the role of vulnerability and solidarity in his music. Ishfarah presents a vulnerable performance, with an interdisciplinary approach.
Then Dymphie Braun will speak to researcher Stevie Nolten and event organiser Maurino Alarcón about solidarity and social engagement in the cultural sector. Nolten researches decolonisation and accountability at the Institute for Sound and Vision, among others, and through the platform Not A Playground, strives for an inclusive cultural sector. Maurino Alarcón regularly draws attention to contemporary political struggles in Latin America. For example through his well-attended events Fiesta and Festival Macumba. How can organisations show solidarity with vulnerable communities? What does social and political engagement look like and how do you communicate this to a large audience?

13:30 Interview Blue Flamingo
13:50 Spoken word performance Ishfarah
14:00 Discussion about solidarity in the cultural sector with Maurino Alarcón & Stevie Nolten


Oosterpark Solar Stage