Cacha Mundinho

Sunday 23/06

Start: 15:45

Musical encounters in a Lusophone world

Cacha Mundinho is the group around Portuguese singer-songwriter Joana Almeida, the first female classical trained fado guitarist in Portugal. In 2020, she founded the female fado ensemble in Lisbon, the Amara Quartet. When she moved to Amsterdam a few years ago, it was time for a new step in her musical development with a quirky and contemporary take on tradition. Joana created her own sound inspired by different music styles from the Portuguese-speaking world.In the repertoire of Cacha Mundinho you can be carried away along a magical soundscape in which fado and Portuguese folk, bossa nova and Cape Verdean mornas are effortlessly combined with smooth improvisations and Eastern rhythms.Cacha Mundinho means 'catch a small world'.Cacha is derived from Cape Verdean Creole and is a corruption of catching.Mundinho is a diminutive of the word mundo (world).

Joana Almeida (Portugal) vocals & guitar
Maripepa Contreras (Spain) oboe & duduk
Pedro Ivo Ferreira (Brazil) double bass
Sjahin During (Turkey/Netherlands) percussion