Buku Buku: The Hour of Rabia

Sunday 04/07

Sunday July 4 2021 in Oosterpark Solar Stage, Amsterdam
Start: 12:00

Rabia is a firefly living in the basement of a palace. Regularly, the tears of the sad queen drip like salty rain through the floorboards into the cellar. The outside world has great appeal for her son, the prince, but feels unsafe for the queen. Why does he keep wanting to go outside? Can't we follow almost everything in the world digitally indoors? Then Rabia, who knows mainly the palace, flies out too. What will she find there? And does she want to return to the palace afterwards?

You will experience it in 'The Hour of Rabia', of Buku Buku: the musical and visual storytelling programme of the Theaterstraat. The performances turn reading aloud into an adventurous experience: actors, musicians and artists bring stories from books all over the world to life! The Hour of Rabia is a story by author Rashid Novaire, in cooperation with actress and musician Mirjam van Dijk, and presented at the Amsterdam Roots Festival.


Oosterpark Solar Stage

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