Aquafaba (CANCELLED)

Sunday 03/07

Sunday July 3 2022 in Oosterpark / Moon Stage, Amsterdam
Start: 14:45

Due to personal circumstances it is not possible for the artists of Aquafaba to come to the Netherlands. Unfortunately their performance at Roots can not take place. We wish them a lot of strength and hope to be able to give them another stage at Roots and introduce them to our audience.

“Fluid like water, rooted like beans”: Latin rhythms breeded in vibrant Berlin

"Fluid like water, rooted like beans. We sprout in every concert." Aquafaba has roots in South America, but their foliage extends around the world. Aquafaba's locally grown eclectic concoctions transcend all stereotypes. The band combines Latin rhythms with the creativity of vibrant Berlin, where they are now based. They mix influences from Brazil and the Chilean Andes with psychedelic touches of bossa, funk, jazz and alt rock. Is it Latin, is it bossa, is it funk, is it rock? Gradually they spread their own, characteristic flavor and claim their own place in the artistic cosmos.


Oosterpark / Moon Stage