Florence Adooni

Sunday 25/06

Sunday June 25 2023 in Oosterpark, Amsterdam
Start: 14:30

Florence Adooni brings unique combo of Ghanaian Gospel and highlife to Amsterdam Roots

Amsterdam Roots is pleased to announce the addition of Florence Adooni to the line-up of the festival on 25 June in Oosterpark Amsterdam. Florence Adooni is an exceptional artist who is part of Ghana's extremely vital Frafra Gospel scene. Her style is different from the original Frafra Gospel as played in northern Ghana, because of her roots in the Ashanti capital Kumasi, where highlife music is central.

Florence has surrounded herself with the best young highlife musicians from Kumasi. Her music is full of soul, charm and talent and has received worldwide acclaim both in Ghana and abroad. Her debut single "Mam Pe'ela Su'ure" on Philophon Records is proof of that.

Amsterdam Roots is delighted to welcome Florence Adooni to the festival and cannot wait to see her perform live.


Amsterdam Roots Festival, Oosterpark, World Stage