Sunday 04/07

Sunday July 4 2021 in Oosterpark Big Bang Stage, Amsterdam
Start: 13:15

The circus, with its deep tent pegs or circus installations, is often seen as the 'enemy' of a beautiful lawn. The Flemish Circus Katoen proves that you can also create a very special circus performance with grass. Their brand new show Grasshoppers shows the resilience and vulnerability of nature and the role we as humans play in it. The greenery in this world has a lot to endure. With a turf in the leading role, Circus Katoen searches for a playful and humorous way to represent this.

Grass is a living material and recognizable to everyone. On the one hand it is very vulnerable, but on the other hand it can really take a beating. In Grasshoppers Circus Katoen takes this piece of green out of its natural habitat and raises it above ground level with the help of trestles, planks, rope and their bodies.


Oosterpark Big Bang Stage

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