• Umeme Afrorave ft. King Ayisoba, Minyeshu & Koko Lawson

    Umeme Afrorave ft. King Ayisoba, Minyeshu & Koko Lawson
    • Wanneer 02/07/2014
    • Waar North Sea Jazz Club
    • Land van herkomst Ethiopië, Ghana, Nederland, Togo
    • Website www.northseajazzclub.com

    The Album Release Party King Ayisoba LIVE featuring ZEA – Ghana Umeme Afro Rave LIVE featuring King Ayisoba, Minyeshu & Koko Lawson – EN VJ Piss & Laugh TV DJ Fat Mette | Fonky Shit | Selektor Depender World | Afrobeat | Analog | Roots | Electronics Amsterdam Roots Festival kicks off this year at the North Sea Jazz Club, in collaboration with Bass Culture. This kick-off party promises to be three bands, each presenting their new album explosive danceable night: King Ayisoba (Ghana), Umeme Afro Rave (NL) feat. King Ayisoba, Minyeshu & Koko Lawson and ZEA (NL).


    King Ayisoba of Northern Ghana makes traditional kologomuziek with the energy and edge of the 21st century. A kologo is a guitar with two strings made from a gourd which both rhythmic melodic at all is played. The catchy beats of King Ayisoba and his troupe of musicians and dancers draw full houses in Ghana and is now conquering the world’s festivals. He comes with full band including traditional drums and xylophone to present his new album. ‘Wicked Leaders’ on vinyl Language of instruction? Frafra, Twi and English. Condition? Dancing. Preferably with high jumps.


    Umeme represents the crossover of energetic Afrobeat analog synthesizer sounds. Umeme means lightning / electricity in Swahili. The sound of this Dutch band is raw and live band playing with masks, designed by Denisa Kollarova and Ronja Anderson of the Rietveld Academy. On their debut album, which they will present tonight, they work with vocalists King Ayisoba (Ghana), Koko Lawson (Togo) and Minyeshu (Ethiopia). The album was mixed by Dub Creator (King Shiloh). ZEA ZEA is the solo project of Arnold de Boer (Amsterdam, NL). He plays guitar and samples used for its energetic music with urgent lyrics, rugged beats and grimy basslines. This music does not contain too much fat grams: no words are wasted in the streamlined slightly deranged sound of ZEA.

    Roots Indoor @ North Sea Jazz Club Wednesday, July 2, 2014


    20:00 to 20:30 DJ’s
    9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ZEA
    21:30 to 22:30 King Ayisobah & Band
    23:00 to 00:00 Umeme
    00:00 – 01:30 DJs
    Pre Admission Ticket € 10, – Pre Entrance ticket + album Umeme Afro Rave € 12.50 Pre Admission Tickets for 2 persons € 16, – Pre Admission Tickets for 2 people + album Umeme Afro Rave Door € 18.50 € 12.50 Door + album Umeme Afro Rave € 15, –

    Tickets http://www.northseajazzclub.com/event/king-ayisoba/ticket/

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